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About Deepadork

An internet personality who wants the best for the gaming community, niche interest or not.

A good game starts with a compelling storyline and requires emotional connection and a rewarding experience to truly immerse the player.

Here, you’ll find:


  • In-depth reviews that cover gameplay, mechanics, and storyline all without a sales pitch.
  • Comprehesive walkthroughs to help you beat that next level or get 100% of the achievements.
  • Let’s Plays of various game titles for people who want to enjoy a game without going through it themselves.
  • Discussions on game design elements and how a good game achieves an immersive atmosphere.
Captain Deepadork

Captain Deepadork





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Project ATMOSPHERE – A Tale of Two Games

Project ATMOSPHERE – A Tale of Two Games

This past week I was requested to turn my attention to Project ATMOSPHERE by Dr. Mad. Although I do not usually review games that don’t have an ending, I made an exception for this one, and I’m glad that I did. First, as a game originally made in Italy, I will NOT be...

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A game is a visual, intellectual, and emotional piece of art that communicates a developer’s dream into the player’s life. It provides a means for the player to escape mundane circumstances and enter into a brand new life for a time.

That is, if it’s done well.

On Deepadork, players can discover new games through honest reviews, or learn more about game design in every aspect of the art.

Love Let’s Plays instead of going through the game yourself? There’s something here for you, too.

Having difficulty finding the next step in the game’s story or want to learn about each path that allows you to explore 100% of the game’s storyline? Walkthroughs are the right place for you.

Deepadork is a place where players can come together and explore, discover, and enjoy games.


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